A short summary of Russian laws concerning firearms and brief history of firearm evolution in Russia from the middle ages to the present.


I thought it would be nice to add a little information about firearms in Russia because some of my American friends often asked me questions about our laws and I've heard enough weird rumors. Plus, I thought "maybe I should explain it now, instead of having to repeat the same words someday."

I started by making an empty page with the title Firearms in Russia. WOW!, several net surfers who browsed my homepage urged me to finish it. So I went into Lenin's library, picked a copy of Law on Weapons along with some history books, and tried to make a brief introduction. And now, after almost two years of the development it's not that brief. Here we go...


This page is under construction (forever, as anything on the web) and I need YOUR help, gentle reader. I learned English on the net, and my grammar is rather lousy. If you spot an error, please don't ignore it, mail me and explain what is wrong and how to avoid such grammatical errors in the future. Also, lawyer's language makes me dizzy, be it Russian or English, :) and I probably don't know how to translate some terms.

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