Excerpts from Russian Law on Weapons

  • Terms:
    • Weapon: device or item, designed for hitting live or other target, also main parts of these devices or items which defines its purpose;
    • Firearm: weapon, designed to do mechanical damage from the distance by projectile, which get its movement from powder or other chemical substance;
    • Cold weapon: weapon, designed to do mechanical damage to the target with direct contact by muscule power;
    • Cold throwing weapon: weapon, designed to hit the target at the distance with projectile, thrown by muscule or mechanical device;
    • Pneumatic weapon: weapon, designed to hit the target with projectile, powered by compressed gas-like substance;
    • Gas weapon: weapon, designed for temporary disabling live target with toxic substance allowed by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation;
    • Ammunition: devices or items designed for shooting from corresponding weapon.
  • Weapon types:
    • Combat weapons:
        Everything from standard Russian military armament, railroad units armament, communication units armament, intelligence organization armamnet, etc;
    • Service weapons:
        Weapons with bore, intended for use in organizations like police, security, protection of nature, etc. Service weapons must be non-full-auto and must be 20% worse by precision and range than its military analogs;
    • Civilian weapons:
      • Gas weapons of self-defense: pistols, revolvers, mechanical sprays and aerosol devices charged with allowed gas substances. Currently it's CN, CS, PS & OC;
      • Sports weapons:
        • Firearms;
        • Cold weapons, including throwing cold weapons;
        • Pneumatic;
      • Hunting weapons:
        • Smooth-bore firearms;
        • Rifles;
        • Cold weapons, including throwing cold weapons;
        • Pneumatic weapons;
    Other types of weapons can be only collected or used for imitation of its use under strict government control.
  • Limitations on the service and civilian weapons:
    • Use, manufacturing, buying, selling, carrying and other activity with are prohibited for these weapons:
      • Hunting weapons shorter 80 cm;
      • Imitations of other items;
      • Armor-piercing, burning or exploding ammunition and cartridges with small shot for pistols and revolvers;
      • Everything based on electricity, radioactivity and biology;
      • Gas weapons with nerve-agents, poisons and other toxic gases;
    • Keeping and use outside of sport places pneumatic weapons with muzzle energy > 7,5 joules and muzzle velocity > 150 meter/sec, and firearms is prohibited;
    • Installing and use of silencers and night vision devices is prohibited;
    • Mailing weapons is prohibited;
    • Carrying weapons while participating in political rallies, demonstrations, etc is prohibited;
  • Requirements for civilian:
    • Must be at least 18 years old;
    • Gas weapons can be purchased through open license with no restrictions on quantity. This license at the same time is a license to keep and carry gas weapons; sprays and pneumatic weapons doesn't require license;
    • Hunting smooth-bore firearms require hunting license;
    • Hunting _rifled_ firearms can be obtained either by the citizens of Russian Federation professionally engaged in the hunting business or those who have already owned smooth-bore hunting firearms for at least five years and have not infringed the regulations concerning the purchase, sale, accounting, keeping, carrying, transportation, and use thereof and did not commit any felony or two misdemeanors;
    • Cold weapons require hunting license;
    • Civilian firearms must be registered within 2 weeks after purchase; in the process of registration every weapon is fired at a soft target, sample bullet pattern and sample cartridge are taken and registered, this process must be repeated every 5 years;
    • Sprays and pneumatics doesn't require license;
    • Person can't own civilian weapon if:
      • Age less than 18 years;
      • Monitored in the hospital because alcohol or narcotic consumption;
      • Have illnes or physical disability which disallows proper weapon handling;
      • Commited felony;
      • Commited two misdemeanors;
      • Imprisoned;
      • Doesn't have permanent home address ("propiska");

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