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First of all, disclaimer for Typing Injury FAQ site:

If you are experiencing any injury symptoms, please go see a medical professional right away.

But don't forget your common sense when you talk with doctors, I must add.

Yet another warning: This project is in alpha state. I've built a pair of pedals and wrote the driver and IT WORKS, but everything is much untested and is under construction. It's just a first step for now.

And now last warning: Anything described here you can do only on your own risk! It's a freeware project, after all.


This project is about how to avoid typing letters with your hands. I've started it because my hands hurt when I type. Doctors tend to say things like "it's RSI" and "don't type". There are a lot different sources of the problem and you can't say "it's just RSI". If your doc says so then go find better one. But what about the second advice? Right, you have to stop injuring yourself. But how, if your profession requires working on the computer?

Here is solution: use your feet.

This system is based on the morse code. Yes, "obsolete" code which still in use in many countries. By the way, skilled operator can send and receive 40 wpm... it's ought to be enough for average computer user.

How it works. First of all, hardware part, which consists of two pedals, connected to the serial port. These parts work as automatic key: when you press (or release if both of them are pressed) one of the pedals system starts beeping dots at comfortable speed, other pedal gives you dashes. Software part is a driver for Windows98/NT, which reads serial port, beeps through your sound card, recognizes valid morse sequences and stuffs recognized characters into keyboard buffer.

Here you can download driver executable and source code.

I've read several articles about disabled people using morse code. But there are NO information about hardware or software used, so i'm starting from scratch...


  • Extend morse code to input arrows, special keys and everything else found on the conventional keyboard
  • Mouse support like mousegrid in Dragon Dictate
  • Write some tutors (they should work with pedals only)
  • Change driver from console application into win32 and hide it in system tray
  • Stretch-break reminder (ok, this ought to be simple)

I'd like hear your feedback.