"Ustroistvo dozirovannogo aerozolnogo raspylenia (UDAR)" translates roughly as "Device for discharging equal parts of aerosol". UDAR is a non-lethal self-defense tool and designed to deliver fluid CS and OC substances into the face or eyes of an assaliant. It's design requres 5 cartridges with irritating fluids. Also training cartridges with water are available. UDAR must be used within temperatures from -10C to +50C. UDAR is more effective than any spray, due to its design.

UDAR and its cartridges are approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and allowed without any licensing. Almost any weapon shop in Moscow sells these devices.

This is a scheme of the UDAR cartirdge. It uses a primer to push the piston. Works almost silently, because piston doesn't leave the cartirdge, stopping near the exit. Due to its design this cartirdge is able to deliver huge amount of irritant like CS, OC or CN into the face of the perp. UDAR is more effective than so-called "gas guns", because UDAR throws fluid irritant and gas guns are spitting vaporised CS or CN (vapor is a lot slower and can't fly too far, usually one or two meters).

Some information and tips:

  • Cartridges in the magazine: 5 (not much);
  • Weight: 0.15 kg (very light);
  • Size: 106x126x32 mm (cumbersome);
  • Guaranteed 500 cyclings (enough... it's cheap as dirt, 15 UDAR cartridges = one UDAR);
  • Trigger is under the big thumb :) It means you must use right hand;
  • All holsters for UDAR are lousy. I've lost one UDAR right into subway railways when my "fast access" holster opened accidentally. I was unable to persuade guys from the holster factory to make a fanny pack holster for UDAR, so I stuck with standard holster, which keeps it tightly, but painfully slow to draw :(
  • Some cartridges have a leaky cork. The best solution is a nail varnish :)
  • Cartridges tend to spoil when carried every day. It's neccecary to shoot them every 2 or 3 months and insert new, to insure their functions. Also, it gives some training ;-)
  • Plastic handle is weak and can break if dropped on the hard surface.

To load UDAR, move safety backward (Russian letter "P" must be seen -- safety on) and simply stuff cartridges into the magazine, pushing every cartridge about 6 mm deeper than upper part of the magazine, primer must be placed against firing pin. Repeat until all 5 cartridges are in the magazine.

To discharge UDAR, move the safety forward (Russian letter "P" -- predohranitel -- must be covered, i.e. safety off), aim UDAR at the face of adversary, preferable into his eyes and move trigger down with big thumb. Manual says max distance is 3 meters, but it can easily reach 5 meters.

Release trigger without holding it on its way back. UDAR will eject spent cartridge directly up (up to 30 cm). To shoot again, repeat above. Never shoot without aming! After shooting, move safety backward. NOTE: some of the irritation fluid can be left on the UDAR surface. After shooting, clean UDAR with alcohol-based solvent, or if you don't have time to do it, put UDAR into the packet until it will be cleaned.
To remove unspent cartridges and clean UDAR, place it with muzzle away from body and down and pull the small ejection lever. All cartridges will be ejected with considerable force (they can fly away -- so better be prepared for it).

UDAR is not designed to be field stripped. In fact, it carries two factory seals. In case of any malfunctions factory will check and replace in case of defects in materials or workmanship.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT SELL THESE THINGS. Period. I carry one. And Russian laws prohibit mailing gas weapons. If you want to buy UDAR, you can check numerous weapon shops in Moscow.

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