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  • Fri Mar 1 17:06:16 UTC 2019 Moved site to RamNode VPS, because I have to shutdown that my really old-old-old server. Wow. This site is 23 years old! Won't promise to do anything :) Alas, I can loose this domain within some years: gunlab.com.ru was registered in the company I worked for, more than 20 years ago. The company is long gone, and now I can't really do anything but pay for this domain every year. And now government officials require some serious paperwork to re-register domain and that company does not have official number to operate. May be I'll move this site to my personal domain, I don't know.
  • Mon Apr 8 17:44:03 MSK 2013 Moved server to another location. Yeah. Funny. Time flows. I'll update the site, some day, I promise. Yeah...
  • Fri Oct 26 15:22:33 MSD 2001 Moved server to another location. More than a week of downtime :( Sorry. The info on this site is slowly aging, I have to update it soon. I'll try... really...
  • Sun Feb 25 10:36:30 MSK 2001 Reinstallation of the OS on this computer. 4 days of downtime :( Now running OpenBSD.
  • Tue Apr 11 10:41:27 MSD 2000 Fixed my web server. Ouch. 10 days of downtime.
  • Sun Aug 15 10:21:24 MSD 1999 New statistics utility. Webalizer is much better than http-analyze. Unfortunately, all previous data is lost...
  • Sat Aug 14 22:55:30 MSD 1999 Now Gunlab has its own computer. It's an old p100 with Linux.
  • Wed Mar 4 02:55:32 MSK 1998 Added statistics page.
  • Sat Feb 14 22:13:18 MSK 1998 Moved to the permanent home: now this site has its own domain: www.gunlab.com.ru. New design, not cool, but certainly better than old and major reconstruction. One huge page is split into several small pages, some texts are rewritten according to the current Law on Weapons. Updated info about UDAR.
  • Sun Nov 9 13:44:41 MSK 1997 @^%&#!#!($*#^!%# There were some serious changes in the hardware. I have finally restored these pages. Sorry. I hope to move to the new server in the near future, it looks like my boss wants to get rid of the accessnet.ru domain. May be I'll register my on domain. Dunno. Some pictures may be broken after this restore. If you spot an error, please, mail me!
  • Tue Oct 14 08:47:56 MSK 1997 #@^%!%#! There was a server crash. I've restored my page from the backup, but my mail starting from the middle of september till now is lost :( Whoever wrote me something significant and did not get a response, please repeat your letter.
  • Okay. It's 7 Aug 1997 and we have new Law on Weapons. A little was changed. Now civillians can buy approved tasers and shocking devices, read weak and harmless. Also we are permitted to buy "boreless" pistols. "Boreless" pistol is a big fat derringer (18 mm caliber... ouch) with rubber bullets. Muzzle energy is around 80 Joules. These things are supposed to be "traumatic", not killing. Doh! Well, anyway, I'll try to find some photos and will make a page about it, like a page about UDAR. Now we are limited to 5 guns per person :-( Throwing knives, boomerangs and surikens are outlawed completely, yet I never heard about crime commited with a boomerang... oh well. I hope to get some free time and make my pages up to date.

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